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1. Director's 1:1 Care Services

Since everybody's skin cannot all be the same, all consultations should be done for each skin condition. After consulting with the director, we provide 1: 1 personalized skin care service.

2. Facial and body care professional equipment

TK Medical Center is a laser treatment center that can manage various facial and body care. It is equipped with the latest equipment such as Fraxel, IPL, Hair removal laser and Ice body ect.


3. Professional skin interpreter

An interpreter manager (Korean, Cantonese, English) with skin knowledge will accompany with director at all times during consultations and procedures, so customers can receive comfortable and satisfying care without any inconvenience in communicatio n.

4. Free consultation service

You can receive a friendly 1: 1 counseling from the director with no charge.

(Advance reservation is required.)

5. TK's special know-how

TK Medical Center has a systematic education system and various long-term clinical experiences, and is constantly striving to improve the level of care and provide the best service through continuous education and seminars of all employees.

6. Offer Customer Satisfaction Service

The director checks the procedure with careful consideration and attention to each client for proper skin treatment, and we do our best to satisfy all customers.

7. Personal service provide

For those customers who do not have enough time, we offer a nightly medical treatment and an advance reservation system so that patients can get the skin care service conveniently without any waiting.

Tk medical center office hour (10:00 ~ 20:00)
Tue ~ Sunday (English, Cantonese, Chinese, Korean)
Monday off







Actual Examples


Address: 13/f, spa centre 53-55 lockhart rd wanchai

Tel: 35204070 / 60691624


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