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Hankuk Hair 1st Supporters Recruitment

Hankuk hair 15th year anniversary

1st Supporters recruitment

-Requirments: Any SNS Users

-1st Session: Mar to May 2023(3M)


1. 2 or more posts or reels about Hankuk Hair on your SNS account

2. Write Google Review


1. Hankuk Hair 1500HKD gift card

2. Su:m mini set for Top 5 Supporters

3. Friends Referral 15% Coupon

4. Premium Haircare Set

5. VIP Invitation for Open Event


1. A Booking is required

2. Might not get the designer you want

3. Must use gift card within 3 Months

-How to sign-up:

Send us a brief introduction of yourself(name, age, gender, job, phone number) along with your most frequently used SNS account in Hankuk Hair Instagram DM (@hankuk_hair).

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