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Franchise Scalp Center

Success Factors of Korea Scalp Plus

South Korea’s No.1  Traditional on Clinic & Scalp Hair loss Management

01. Natural scalp professionally license company
The Korean Institute of Science and Technology (scalp plus) promises to solve the problem of scalp baldness and hair loss through the scientific diagnosis of the natural system and the systematic scalp management system

02. We use proven natural products

Korea's Scalp Plus is not only clinically tested but also healthy in terms of the use of clinically proven natural products

03. A group of experts who have completed systemic training.
Korea Scalp has a curricular educational program, and every branch is made up of excellent people who have completed the training course

04. Reasonable price and effectiveness.
With the use of natural products, the Scalp plus enhances customer satisfaction and makes it easier for the client to choose the right price

Consultation for opening independent licensed scalp center or changing the brand name

Franchise Hair Salon

Success Factors of Korean Hair salon

South Korea’s No.1  HAN KUK Korean Hair originality only in Hong Kong


01. Experience and Technique 
Our experience and technique can help you succeed 

02.Raw Material Discount 
Price discounts are available to raw materials purchased in bulk. All products are organic  

03.A well-educated expert team 
Korean Beauty has an education program and all staff graduated from Beauty Academy with certification proofed expert

04.Continued training
Training and support are available to both employer and employee

Consultation for opening independent licensed hair salon or changing the brand name

Inauguration Item Without Competition


----------------  Blue Ocean 

Why only the Korean beauty industry?

With the increase in personal income and living standards, the need for fashion also increases.

Money spent on beauty rises, it is now an era wherein people are willing to spend on personalizing and service.

Korean Beauty has experts accredited by the Korean government and has an education training system in Korea.

Not only will the service satisfy the customers,

but it will also increase the professionalism of Hong Kong's hairstyle industry.

Due to Hallyu (Korean wave), the value of Korean brands increases in Hong Kong. The value of HanKuk Hair brand is higher than that of often companies.

The value of the brand will continue to increase due to its systematic marketing and brand value.

Further, there are 10 million patients suffering from hair loss at the moment. In the past 10 years, the hair loss market has been successful and will continue to grow, as competition is low as the target is clearly defined. 

The special scalp industry has specific goals & less competition, its likelihood of success is high.

Based on the experience in Korea, the venture in Hong Kong will be assured in the Blue Ocean.

Open Consultation
Inauguration Chart 1.jpg
Open Cost - base on 500sq ft
Franchise_Opening_Cost .jpg
95000HKD- DC

Contact Person



Phone No.: 5611 1718

Central (Hue reste)   

Business Hour: 10:00am - 8:00pm


Tel: 2147 0868 / 5611 1718

13/F, Carfield Comm. Bldg, 77 Wyndham St, Central, HK

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