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Difference of Korean eyebrow semi-permanent make-up and traditional tattoo

                            Semi-premanent make up Tattoo
pigment raw material  Natural pigment  Ink
color Variety/Nature Black/Intensity
Discoloration No Blue/ Green
Vitality 6Month~ 3Years Permanent 
Purpose of the procedure Beauty Pursuit/A distinctive feature Solo .Symbolism.Etc
Infection Use of disposable neddles is rare  recyclable
Careful Epidermis Dermal tissue
2th Need Unnecessary
Afterward Maintenance The eyebrows design could be change after the time passed /could be fixable  difficult to fixed because it is permanent/Hard to remove even by laser

Strengths of Korean Semi-permanent Make-up

Part Strengths of Korean Semi-permanent Make-up
Eyebrow 1) Remodify your eyebrows according to ones' body shapes,facial features and shapes 
2) Metaphorically, if ones' face is a house, than eyebrow is is equivalent to the roof, which means it is the most important part of face
3) From aura to physiogynym and birth chart, eyebrow is always a crucial part in them.
Eyeline Brightens and enlarge eyes that used to be dull 
Lip 1)Remodify blur lip line to define shape
2)Increase volume to flat lips (voluptuous lips)
)Reduce wrinkes from lips