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Anne,  Park Yeon Joo
Korean Professional Scalp Health Planner

20 years to serve the wisdom of trichomadesis as a scalp health planner, from dandruff management to the whole body hair loss of the serious customers, I stay with the customers all the way. In the future until the amount of trichomadesis customer decrease, I will do everything I can to serve them.    

1992 Sangji university Accounting Graduated         
1998 Jakk Beauty Academy Graduated Skin care/ Beauty/ Make-up/ Grooming          
2000 Edeen Beauty Academy Opened (Labour Department Approved) 

2002 Revivre Italia Headquater Manager            

2003 P&J Scalp Clinic Center Opened            

2005 Revivre Korea Headquater Deputy Manager            

2010 Doctor Scalp Education Director and President            

2012 Revivre Korea Headquater Director-Scalp Lab Dean            

2016~ Han Kuk Hair Scalp Franchise Director            

Seoul Aurora Clinic Scalp Consultancy            
Seoul Mi and Mi Clinic Scalp Comsultancy            
Seoul Chong Park Clinic Scalp Consultancy            
Seoul Leader's Club Lecture            
SamSung Gumi Plant Lecture            
LG Labour Lecture            
LOTTE Supermarket Scalp Column Lecture            
Hospital Scalp Consultancy and Lecture