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DNA is one of the most important causes leading to hair-loss. The Hair-loss DNA can be passed down through either side of the family tree but the maternal side has a greater influence in terms of hair-loss. Hair-loss genes are dominant. Therefore, it is possible to develop hair-loss even if only one pair of hair-loss DNA is present. However, cases with the whole family developing hair-loss are highly rare. Statistic shows that the probability of inheriting hair-loss through maternal side is approximately 70% while paternal 50%.


Testosterone is a male hormone which is produced mainly by testicles. Once puberty hits, one’s body gradually becomes more masculine like having deeper voice, bushier body hair like beard and more developed muscles. Upon contact with testosterone, 5-alpha reductase responds by producing “Dihydrotestosterone” (DHT) which is the main cause of hair loss. DHT is a material that combines with the specific part of the cells from the hair follicle and increase the pace of hair loss. Especially the “o” shape on the crown area and “M” shape on the forehead since DHT either shrinks the growth phase or totally stopped it in the area and thus forcing hair to enter the pause phase. Hitherto, hair growth cycle is shortened and hair falls off easily while hair slowly becomes thinner and finally ceases to grow. 

Hair loss Self-Diagnosis

No strength in the hair and no volume. There are some people in the family who suffering from hair loss as well.
When shampoo in the mornings , more than one bunch of hair loss. Anemia
When using hairpin or hairband, hair loose. Comparing with others, feeling particularly cold or hot.
 Irregular lifestyles, got a lot of stress. There have physical changes recently.
Drinking alcohol and smoking. There were a lot of acnes when in teenage years.
Picky eating or dieting. Hairy limbs.

4 or less  Although it is not hair loss, prevention in advance is needed.
5~8 points Early Symptoms of hair loss. Specialised management is needed.
9 or more Hair loss is probably processing, active management is needed.